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Punch Cartoon Art - Cover Art - Jubilee number with Queen & Prince Philip - Trog (Walter 'Wally' Fawkes) 1977 - Framed Picture - 11" x 14"


Walter Ernest "Wally" Fawkes is a British-Canadian jazz clarinetist and a satirical cartoonist. As a cartoonist, he generally worked under the name of 'Trog' until failing eyesight forced him to retire from cartooning at the age of 81 to concentrate solely on his clarinet playing.

Fawkes was first employed painting camouflage onto factory roofs in an attempt to hide them from enemy bombing. A bout of pleurisy made Fawkes ineligible for service and he was instead employed by the Coal Commission working on maps of coal seams.

In 1942 he entered an art competition that was adjudicated by the Daily Mail's chief cartoonist Leslie Gilbert Illingworth, who found him work with the Clement Davies advertising agency. In 1945 Illingworth had found Fawkes work at the Daily Mail drawing column-breaks and decorative illustrations.

Fawkes' most creative work as a cartoonist was 'Flook' – the unlikely and increasingly satirical comic-strip adventures of its small and furry eponymous hero, which first appeared in the Daily Mail in 1949.

Fawkes's role was chiefly as illustrator, and he had a strong team of collaborators on the scripts for Flook over the years, including George Melly, Barry Norman, Humphrey Lyttelton and Barry Took. 'Flook' ran for 35 years in the Daily Mail, and despite Margaret Thatcher's comment that 'Flook' was "quite the best commentary of the politics of the day" it was suddenly cancelled by the paper in 1984.

Fawkes also produced political cartoons for The Spectator working with George Melly as his author. The two also produced occasional contributions for Private Eye, and from 1962 the New Statesman.

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