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11 x 14 Price change news

Price Drop News!!!!!After much updating and production savings, we can pass on these savings to you, the customerWe have reduced the price of nearly all our 11"x14" framed pictures to £25.00 ($32.50 or $33.00) which is a saving of between £3.99 ($5.10) and £10.99 ($14.00). This has brought nearly all 11"x14" framed pictures to a unified PriceWe have also reduced some of our 12"x16" framed pictures to £25.00 as well which is a saving between £3.99 ($5.10) and £14.99 ($19.00)NB. These reduced prices are only applicable on Our Website, Our Bonanza Site and our Etsy Site.

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Four Selling Platforms

Did you know that we are available on Four different Platforms.These are Our Own website:

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Cheaper Postage to the US

Great News for all of our American Customers.We have managed to get a new courier to ship our products to the USA, and there are savings to be had. As of the 17th of July, the new prices are as follows:Rolled Tube Shipping $14.50 (Saving of $1.50)11 x 14 Item Shipping $19.00 (Saving of $7.00)12 x 16 Item Shipping $21.50 (Saving of $4.50)16 x 16 Item Shipping $21.50 (Saving of $11.50)20 x 16 Item Shipping $21.50 (Saving of $11.50)So those nice items have just got a little easier to getAs always all packages are tracked, and insuredRegardsPosterCo Admin

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Hi All After a nice vacation and some arduous stock moving, we are open again We look forward to supplying you with the pictures you want   Regards PosterCo Admin  

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Latest Update

Hi Posterco'ers We are back again. We have been expanding our storage facilities, as well as our manufacturing areas. Which took a bit longer than we thought, but we are all settled in again now, and not tripping over Building Materials We have noticed that it was last January since we uploaded anything here on our Blogs Just to let you know, another 3257 products have been uploaded and catalogued Also out other selling Platforms of Amazon and Bonanza are in full swing  We will try to be more "Social" now on :-) Regards Poster Co Admin

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