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Arton Girbal - Gaby Montbreuse, 1924 (Art Deco) - Framed Picture - 16"H x 12"W


A 16"H x 12"W framed Picture of  'Arton Girbal - Gaby Montbreuse, 1924'

Gaby Montbreuse (Julia Léontine Hérissé) was a French singer and music hall artist.

Gaby Montbreuse went to Paris and began as an actress in theater Antoine before appearing on the stages of concert cafés . She became a star of music hall, and appeared in the Folies-Belleville, The Roudoudou and Thou hast possessed by surprise.

She is the creator of Titin songs Léo Daniderff

 After going bankrupt in the early 1930s , Gaby Montbreuse disappears from the Paris scene and retired to her sister Yvonne, widow of race car driver André Boillot.

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