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White Zombie - Soul-Crusher (Album Cover Art) - Framed Print - 16" x 16"


Soul-Crusher is the debut studio album of White Zombie, released independently in November 1987 by Silent Explosion. It was the band's second and final release with Tom "Five" Guay on guitar. Building off the sound established on Psycho-Head Blowout, the band matured its sound while placing further emphasis the individual roles of its players.

Despite its initially limited release and the band's relatively unknown status, the album gained the admiration of musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Iggy Pop, and Thurston Moore.

Professional music critics occasionally list it as being a definitive noise rock album and a highlight of the band's career.

The album, however, has not gone without criticism. One Critc noted that "People either loved or hated it--or were full of self-loathing and loved to be tortured by it." Creem described Soul-Crusher as the "most obnoxious sound of the year" and that "no one in the black concert T is ever gonna like White Zombie".

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