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Wellington Statue / Wellington Arch Hyde Park Corner - Framed Print - 14"H x 11"W


Wellington Statue / Wellington Arch - Framed Print - 14"H x 11"W

NB. This caused confusion for us, because no one us can ever remember seeing it. We foound out it was moved to Aldershot.

The Wellington Statue in Aldershot is a monument to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington victor at the Battle of Waterloo. Sculpted by Matthew Cotes Wyatt, it was the largest equestrian statue in Britain when it was unveiled at its original location on the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner in 1846.

In the statue the Duke is shown on Copenhagen . Much of the bronze in the Statue is derived from French cannon captured at Waterloo

The position selected for the sculpture was on top of the triumphal arch at Hyde Park Corner.

Many thought the statue out of proportion to the arch: its architect, Decimus Burton, especially disliked it, and left money in his will for the statue's removal. Queen Victoria also regarded it as an eyesore, marring the view from Buckingham Palace; however, it could not be tactfully moved during the lifetime of the Duke of Wellington, who would have seen such a move as an insult.

 In 1883 the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII, suggested that it should be moved to Aldershot Military Town, "where it will be highly regarded by the Army."

Interesting legend:

Local tradition says there is a bottle of Guinness and a packet of sandwiches sealed up inside the base, left by a forgetful workman when the statue was moved from London to Aldershot.

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