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Walk on the Wild Side (2) - Laurence Harvey / Capucine - Movie Poster Picture - 11 x 14


Walk on the Wild Side is a 1962 film directed by Edward Dmytryk, adapted from the 1956 novel by Nelson Algren.

The film had a star-studded cast, including Laurence Harvey, Capucine, Jane Fonda, Anne Baxter, and Barbara Stanwyck.

Whilst it passed its censors, it was an adult film noir with quite explicit overtones and subject matter. It walks its audience through the lives and relationships between adults engaged in the "business" of commercial prostitution at a stylish New Orleans brothel. The "boss" is a beautiful, stylish Madam (Stanwyck) whose combination of toughness and, a motherly intimate tenderness toward her "girls'" real lives is as disturbing as it is entertaining to watch.

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