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The Prospect of Whitby - Rowland Hilder - Framed Print - 16"H x 20"W


The Prospect of Whitby - Rowland Hilder - Framed Print - 16"H x 20"W

Rowland Frederick Hilder OBE  was an English marine and landscape artist and book illustrator.

Hilder studied at Goldsmiths' College, in south London where he met and married botanical artist Edith Blenkiron.  As a student with little money he cycled into Kent and discovered the Shoreham Valley in the North Downs where he was delighted to sketch the same barn drawn by the visionary painter Samuel Palmer in the 1820s. This interest in the countryside began a lifelong passion for drawing landscapes in both pencil and watercolour initially of Kent "The Garden of England" and the Thames with its sailing vessels and old buildings.

The Prospect of Whitby is a historic public house on the banks of the Thames at Wapping. It lays claim to being the site of the oldest riverside tavern, dating from around 1520.

The tavern was formerly known as The Pelican and later as the Devil’s Tavern, on account of its dubious reputation. All that remains from the building’s earliest period is the 400-year-old stone floor. 

Sir Hugh Willoughby sailed from here in 1553 in a disastrous attempt to discover the North-East Passage to China.

In the 17th century, it became the hostelry of choice of "Hanging" Judge Jeffreys, scourge of the Monmouth Rebellion. He lived nearby and a noose hangs by a window, commemorating his custom.

According to legend, criminals would be tied up to the posts at low tide and left there to drown when the tide came in. Execution Dock was actually by Wapping Old Stairs and generally used for pirates.

Views from the pub were sketched by both Turner and Whistler.

Other Media Appearances:

The Prospect features briefly in an episode of Only Fools And Horses. (When Uncle Albert goes missing in one episode)

There is also a scene from the film D-Day the Sixth of June starring Robert Taylor and Richard Todd where Taylor's character is seen with Dana Wynter's character having drinks together

The pub also appears in Whitechapel, where the body of a victim is discovered on the Thames shoreline. DS Miles briefly explains its history to DI Chandler.

A photograph of the Malcolm Price Trio was taken inside the pub and featured on the front cover of their second LP, titled 'Way Down Town'.

The pub is mentioned during a scene in Eastenders when Peggy and Phil Mitchell take a river cruise along the Thames.

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