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The Pilgrims At Emmaus Louis Le Nain - Framed Picture 11"x14"


The three Le Nain brothers were painters in 17th-century France: Antoine Le Nain, Louis Le Nain, and Mathieu Le Nain. They produced genre works, portraits and portrait miniatures.

Because of the remarkable similarity of their styles of painting and the difficulty of distinguishing works by each brother (they signed their paintings only with their surname, and many may have been collaborations), they are commonly referred to as a single entity, Le Nain. Louis is usually credited with the best-known of their paintings, a series of scenes depicting peasant life; and been influenced by the Dutch artist Pieter van Laer, who passed through France in the mid-1620s.

The Le Nain paintings had a revival in the 1840s and, thanks to the exertions of Champfleury, made their appearance on the walls of the Louvre in 1848. Champfleury was a friend of the Realist painter Gustave Courbet, and a theorist of Realism and writer on French popular arts. The “naive” quality of these works, with their static poses, “awkward” compositions and peasant subjects were admired and may well have exercised some influence on many nineteenth-century artists, notably Courbet himself.

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