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The New York Ripper (L'eventreur De New York) (French) - Lucio Fulci - Movie Poster - Framed Picture 11 x 14


The New York Ripper is a 1982 Italian giallo film directed Lucio Fulci.

While most of Fulci's films have been released uncut in the United Kingdom, The New York Ripper remains censored to this day, even for its 2011 DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Prior to the release of the film, Fulci discussed the production describing it as "much less horror than my previous films, no zombies, but a human killer working in the dark." Fulci described the film as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, stating it as "Hitchcock Revisited, a fantastic film with a plot, violence and sexuality." Dardano Sacchetti, who was one of Fulci's key creative collaborators at the time stated that much of sexual content in the film came from Fulci, claiming that Fulci "nurtures a profound sadism towards women."

Zora Kerova who played Eva in the film spoke positively about working with Fulci in the film stating that it took a while for Fulci to warm up to her. When asked what she thought of the film, she stated she "didn't like The New York Ripper at all."

In the United Kingdom the film was shown to the BBFC to Carol Tpolski who described the film as "simply the most damaging film I have ever seen in my whole life" and "a relentless catalogue of the eponymous antihero/villain cutting women up." The film was banned in the United Kingdom where it could not be sold or owned until 2002.

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