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The Clash - London Calling (Album Cover Art) - Framed Print - 16" x 16"


London Calling is the third studio album by English punk rock band the Clash.

London Calling is an album that incorporates a range of styles, including punk, reggae, rockabilly, ska, New Orleans R&B, pop, lounge jazz, and hard rock.

The album's subject matter included social displacement, unemployment, racial conflict, drug use, and the responsibilities of adulthood.

The album received widespread acclaim and was ranked at number eight on Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2003.

It has sold over five million copies worldwide, and was certified platinum in the United States.

The album's front cover features a photograph of bassist Paul Simonon smashing his Fender Precision Bass against the stage at The Palladium in New York City on 20 September 1979 during the Clash Take the Fifth US tour.

Simonon explained in a 2011 interview with Fender that he smashed the bass out of frustration when he learned the bouncers at the concert would not let the audience members stand up out of their seats. Pennie Smith, who photographed the band for the album, originally did not want the photograph to be used. She thought that it was too out of focus, but Strummer and graphic designer Ray Lowry thought it would make a good album cover.

The cover artwork was designed by Lowry and was an homage to the design of Elvis Presley's self-titled debut album, with pink letters down the left side and green text across the bottom.

The album cover for London Calling was among the ten chosen by the Royal Mail for a set of "Classic Album Cover" postage stamps issued in January 2010.

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