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Teorema (Theorem) - Pasolini / Terence Stamp (Japanese) - Movie Poster Framed Picture 11"x14"


Teorema is a 1968 Italian art-house film written and directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini and starred Terence Stamp, Laura Betti, Silvana Mangano, Massimo Girotti, and Anne Wiazemsky.

It was the first time Pasolini worked primarily with professional actors. In this film, an upper-class Milanese family is introduced to, and then abandoned by, a divine force. Two prevalent motifs are the desert and the timelessness of divinity.

On its release, the religious right and the Vatican criticized the sexual content in the film. The film won a special award at the Venice Film Festival from the International Catholic Film Office, only to have it withdrawn later when the Vatican protested.

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