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Television - Marquee Moon (Album Cover Art) - Framed Print - 16" x 16"


Marquee Moon is the 1977 debut studio album by Television.

In the years leading up to the album, the group had become a prominent act on the New York music scene and generated interest from a number of record labels.

For Marquee Moon, Verlaine and fellow guitarist Richard Lloyd abandoned contemporary punk rock's power chords in favor of rock and jazz-inspired interplay, melodic lines, and counter-melodies. Verlaine's lyrics combined urban and pastoral imagery, references to lower Manhattan, themes of adolescence, and influences from French poetry. He also used puns and double-entendres to give his songs an impressionistic quality describing the perception of an experience rather than its specific details.

Marquee Moon was released to widespread critical acclaim and unexpected commercial success in the United Kingdom, but sold poorly in the United States.

The record has since been viewed by critics as one of the greatest albums of all time and a foundational record of alternative rock.

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