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T.Rex - Electric Warrior (Album Cover Art) - Framed Print - 16"H x 16"W


A 16"H x 16"W" framed print of Electric Warrior Cover Art 

T. Rex were an English glam rock band, formed in 1967 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan. The band initially called Tyrannosaurus Rex, released four folk albums under this banner. In 1970, Bolan began to make a shift from basing his band's sound around an acoustic guitar to basing it around an electric one and shortened their name to T. Rex. "Ride a White Swan" coincided with this change and instantly became a commercial success. T. Rex encountered in the UK a popularity unseen since the demise of the Beatles, with a run of 11 singles ranked in the UK top ten. Electric Warrior received sustained critical acclaim as a pioneering album of glam rock.

In 1977, Bolan died in a car accident a couple of months after releasing their final studio album. Since then, T. Rex have continued to exert a vast influence on a variety of subsequent artists.

T. Rex vastly influenced the glam rock, punk rock and Britpop genres.

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