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St Ouen's Bay, Jersey (Coastal Scene) - Framed Picture - 20" x 16"


Saint Ouen is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It is in the north west of Jersey.

It is reputed to be the most traditional of the parishes, being the farthest from Saint Helier and with much of the territory of the parish forming a peninsula. Its manor, Saint Ouen's Manor, the seat of the de Carteret family for over eight centuries.

The traditional nickname for St. Ouennais is Gris Ventres (grey bellies) - a reference to the custom of men from the parish to wear jerseys of undyed wool, which distinguished them from men from other parishes who generally wore blue.

Sark was recolonised by St. Ouennais. Helier de Carteret, the seigneur of the parish, received a charter from Queen Elizabeth I to colonise Sark with 40 families from the parish on condition that he maintain the island free of pirates. Sercquiais is therefore a very old offshoot of St Ouennais Jèrriais.

In the north west, the ruins of Grosnez Castle are a landmark which also features on the Jersey 50 pence coin.

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