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St Margaret's Bay, Kent (Coastal Scene) - Framed Picture - 20" x 16"


St. Margaret's at Cliffe is a three-part village situated just off the coast road between Deal and Dover in Kent, England. The centre of the village is about Three quarters of a mile from the sea.

Channel swimmers and submarine telephone cables start from St Margaret's Bay. At the north end of the bay is Leathercote Point, where there is a war memorial commemorating the Dover Patrol.

According to the International Hydrographic Organization, Leathercote Point marks the western end of the line which defines the divide between the North Sea and the English Channel, the opposite end being at the Walde Lighthouse near Calais.

During the Second World War most of the population were moved out and guns with their attendant military personnel were moved in. Most of the guns were anti-aircraft but there were heavier pieces intended to prevent German shipping from travelling along the French coast. There were two 15 in guns called "Jane" and "Clem" and there were also the two famous ex-Navy BL 14 inch Mk VII naval guns called "Winnie" and "Pooh". They originally came from the battleship HMS King George V. On one occasion when Winston Churchill was visiting, it is rumoured that "Winnie" was fired and the officer-in-charge saluted and reported: "A direct hit, Sir". "On what ?" enquired Winston, "Er – France, Sir".

Sir Peter Ustinov was stationed in the village during the Second World War, and bought a house on the cliffs after the war. The house is now owned by Miriam Margolyes, and both have hosted functions to raise funds for the new village hall.

At the other end of the beach there are cottages, two of which were owned by Noël Coward, one of which was rented by Ian Fleming.

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