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Shell Advert - See Britain First on Shell - Alfriston (1931) - Vanessa Bell - Framed Picture - 11"H x 14"W


Shell Advert - See Britain First on Shell - Alfriston (1931) - Vanessa Bell - Framed Picture - 11"H x 14"W

NB. The Original advert was used in 1931, and was designed by Vanessa Bell

Shell wanted people to travel and view the country side, and thus created travel guides and posters to encourage this

Alfriston is a village in Wealden. In Saxon times the village was recorded as Aelfrictun (the town of Alfric), from which the Domesday Book records the town as 'Elfricesh-tun'.

There are two building of Historical importance, the first is St Andrew's church, which is known, because of its size, as The Cathedral of the South Downs. 

The other is the Star Inn. Originally a religious hostel built in 1345 and used to accommodate monks and pilgrims en route from Battle Abbey to the shrine of St Richard., it became an inn in the 16th century. Wooden figures grace the upper part of the building, one was originally a ship's figurehead representing a red lion.

The latter is connected with the Alfriston smuggling gang who used the inn as a base; their leader was transported to Australia in 1830.

Interesting Fact:
In 1931 Eleanor Farjeon wrote the popular hymn "Morning Has Broken" in Alfriston; the hymn is supposedly about the beauty she saw around her in this village. The song was later recorded by Cat Stevens.

Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is an Anglo-Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Created by the merger of Royal Dutch Petroleum and UK-based Shell Transport & Trading in 1907, in a move largely driven by the need to compete globally with Standard Oil. It is now the seventh largest company in the world as of 2016, in terms of revenue, and one of the six oil and gas "supermajors".

During the First World War, Shell was the main supplier of fuel to the British Expeditionary Force. It was also the sole supplier of aviation fuel and supplied 80 percent of the British Army's TNT. It also volunteered all of its shipping to the British Admiralty.

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