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Scottish Terrier - Lucy Dawson AKA Mac - Felix rose - Framed Print - 11"H x 14"W


Dog all played out - Lucy Dawson AKA Mac - Felix rose - Framed Print - 11"H x 14"W

Lucy Dawson was a British artist, noted for her paintings and etchings of dogs of all breeds.

Under the pseudonym Mac, Lucy Dawson is best known for her dog postcards published by Valentines & Sons as the Tailwagger series.

She was also commissioned to do illusatrations for Wills’ Cigarettes and Waddingtons Playing Cards

One of her most famous requests was that by the Royal family who took her to the Royal Lodge at Windsor to paint their favourite corgi, Dookie. This painting was later reproduced as a family Christmas card for the Windsors.

The Scottish Terrier (the Aberdeen Terrier), popularly called the Scottie, is a breed of dog. Initially one of the highland breeds of terrier that were grouped under the name of Skye Terrier. Scotties were originally bred to hunt and kill vermin on farms and to hunt badgers and foxes in the Highlands of Scotland.

King James VI of Scotland was an important historical figure featuring in the Scottish Terrier's history. In the 17th century, when King James VI became James I of England, he sent six terriers to a French monarch as a gift.

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