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Scottish Heraldry or Coat of Arms - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W


Scottish Heraldry - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W

Heraldry is a broad term, encompassing the design, display, and study of armorial bearings, as well as related disciplines.

Heraldry, concerns the design and transmission of the heraldic achievement, more commonly known as the coat of arms, usually consisting of a shield, helmet, and crest, together with any accompanying devices, such as supporters, badges, heraldic banners, and mottoes.

The concept of regular, hereditary designs, constituting the distinguishing feature of heraldry, did not develop until the High Middle Ages. The use of helmets with face guards during this period made it difficult to recognize one's commanders in the field when large armies were gathered together for extended periods, necessitating the development of heraldry as a symbolic language.

The beauty and pageantry of heraldic designs allowed them to survive the gradual abandonment of armour on the battlefield during the seventeenth century.

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