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Ramon Navarro / Greta Garbo - Mata Hari (1931) - Framed Picture - 12" x 16"


Mata Hari is a 1931 American pre-Code Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film loosely based on the life of Mata Hari, an exotic dancer and courtesan executed for espionage during World War I.

The film stars Greta Garbo in the title role. It was Garbo's most commercially successful vehicle.

Commercially, Mata Hari was Garbo's most successful film and MGM's biggest hit of the year, netting a profit of nearly $1 million. It was a sensation in the US, and overseas rentals, especially in Continental Europe, matched those in the US.

Only a censored version of the film is currently available.

As with many pre-Code Hollywood films, Mata Hari was censored upon its reissue after strict enforcement of the Hays Code began in mid-1934. Mata's erotic dance to the statue of Shiva was drastically shortened. At the end of what remains, a glimpse of Mata almost completely nude and slumped motionless at the feet of the statue was left in, evidence now of how much was cut out.

A brief fragment of the deleted portion of her dance of the veils survives at the end of a pre-Code trailer.

In Rosanoff's first visit to Mata's apartment, the fade-out that ends the scene was moved up, eliminating views of Mata after she changes into a see-through negligee, more love-making, and the clear implication of a consummation after the fade-out. In Mata's visit to Rosanoff's apartment, after he blows out the candle he was shown carrying Mata off to his bedroom. As part of the following sequence showing the removal, copying and return of the secret documents, there was a scene of the pair in bed, engaged in pillow talk, discreetly lit only by the glowing ends of their cigarettes — a once-famous scene the censors removed completely.

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