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Purple Gallinule - Eliot Porter - 1987 New York Graphics Society - (Genuine and Vintage) - Poster - 30 x 24


Purple Gallinule - Eliot Porter

Picture is better than the photo, Black posters are awkward to photograph

NB. The Picture just shows the Picture, and leaves the Border out (Where the picture goes to the Border, the sizes will be the same)

All these sizes are approximate and in inches:
Poster including the border 30" x 24"
Just the picture with the Border removed =

These posters are unframed, and are sent rolled in a sturdy tube

However, these Posters can be framed if you wanted them to be, please contact us if you would wish them to be framed for Prices and Postage costs

The purple gallinule (Porphyrio martinicus) is a swamphen since it has the genus Porphyrio. They are in the order Gruiformes, which means "crane-like", and within the order there are cranes, rails, and crakes. The purple gallinule is a rail species which places them into the family, Rallidae. They are also known locally as the yellow-legged gallinule. The specific name martinica denotes "of Martinique".

Purple gallinules have long legs with long toes that help them walk onto of the floating vegetation, by distributing their weight. They have an anisodactyl toe arrangement that also helps them to cling to plant stems.

The habitat that this species is found in, is freshwater marsh that have dense stands of vegetation. These birds are found in the southeastern states of the United States during the breeding season. They are residents species in southern Florida, Gulf and Pacific coast of Mexico, parts of Central America, and Caribbean. During the non-breeding season, they are found more inland in parts of Central America. They can also be found within South America during migration, and sometimes strays can be found as far north as Canada.

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