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Punch Cartoon Art - Cover Art - Chessboard scene - David McKee (1963) - Framed Picture - 11" x 14"


David John McKee is a British writer and illustrator, chiefly of children's books and animations.

For his contribution as a children's illustrator, he was UK nominee for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2006.

While still at college, he started selling one-off cartoons, particularly to the national press. On leaving college he continued this to support himself while painting, drawing regularly for, among others, Punch, Reader's Digest, and The Times Educational Supplement.

The first book that he sold was of a story he had told at college, Two Can Toucan. It is about a South American bird who can carry two cans of paint on its enormous bill.

The BBC used some of McKee's books on television and asked about the possibility of a more extensive project. The result was the development of a series about McKee's Mr Benn character running to thirteen episodes which were regularly repeated for two decades.Then a series of films based on the King Rollo books, with two friends, Clive Juster and Leo Nielsen.

The company King Rollo Films was started. The company maintained its success, with McKee being involved on projects usually as a writer. They have been responsible for various films including Tony Ross's Towser, Eric Hill's Spot the Dog, and Lucy Cousins's Maisy.

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