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Pointer (Dog) - Joel Kirk - Felix rose 1988 - Framed Print - 12"H x 16"W"


Pointer (Dog) - Joel Kirk - Felix rose 1988 - Framed Print - 12"H x 16"W"

Joel Kirk is an English Wildlife Artist. Joel's work portrays a broad spectrum of wildlife. As well as the glamorous "Big Cats" and Elephants, Joel also likes to paint wildlife closer to home. Birds, foxes, squirrels and deer all feature in their natural surroundings or as studies.

Some years ago Joel Kirk set himself a task of painting as many breeds of dogs that are common in the United Kingdom and all were put into print.

The Pointer, often called the English Pointer, is a medium to large-sized breed of dog developed in England as a gun dog. It is one of several pointing breeds.

Records of Pointers in England trace as far back as 1650. According to one source, the Pointer came to be in the 16th and 17th centuries, when pointing breeds, were brought from the European mainland to England.

One of the earliest dogs to exert influence on the breed in the US was a dog imported from England in 1876 – "Sensation". He is well known as the dog on the emblem of the Westminster Kennel Club.

While the dog is often called the "English Pointer" colloquially, the official breed name according to the British Kennel Club is simply "Pointer".

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