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Packhorse Bridge - James Valentine Jelley - (Steven Selby Pictures) - (Genuine and Vintage) - Poster - 25 x 20


Packhorse Bridge - James Valentine Jelley

NB. The Picture just shows the Picture, and leaves the Border out (Where the picture goes to the Border, the sizes will be the same)

All these sizes are approximate and in inches:
Poster including the border 25" x 20"
Just the picture with the Border removed =

These posters are unframed, and are sent rolled in a sturdy tube

However, these Posters can be framed if you wanted them to be, please contact us if you would wish them to be framed for Prices and Postage costs

James Valentine Jelley was an English artist who was an employee of the Birmingham School of Art and a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and served as its president from 1932-1935.

He worked at the Birmingham School of Art for 40 years.

A packhorse bridge is a bridge intended to carry packhorses (horses loaded with sidebags or panniers) across a river or stream. Typically a packhorse bridge consists of one or more narrow (one horse wide) masonry arches, and has low parapets so as not to interfere with the horse's panniers.

Packhorse bridges were often built on the trade routes (often called packhorse routes) that formed major transport arteries across Europe and Great Britain until the coming of the turnpike roads and canals in the 18th century.

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