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Matilda (Race Horse) - John Frederick Herring Sr - Framed Print - 12"H x 16"W


Matilda (Race Horse) - John Frederick Herring Sr - Framed Print - 12"H x 16"W

John Frederick Herring Sr., also known as John Frederick Herring I, was English painter, sign maker and coachman. He painted the 1848 "Pharoah's Chariot Horses"

He amended his signature "SR" (senior), with the growing fame of his teenage son John Frederick Herring Jr.

Herring was employed as a painter of inn signs and coach insignia, and later became a night coach driver. Herring spent his spare time painting portraits of horses for inn parlors, and he became known as the "artist coachman". Herring's talent was recognized by wealthy customers, and he began painting hunters and racehorses for the gentry.

Herring, moved to London, where he experienced financial difficulties and was given financial assistance by W. T. Copeland, who commissioned many paintings, including some designs used for the Copeland Spode bone china.

Herring was appointed Animal Painter to HRH the Duchess of Kent, followed by a subsequent commission from the ruling Queen Victoria, who remained a patron for the rest of his life.

A highly successful and prolific artist, Herring ranks along with Sir Edwin Landseer as one of the more eminent animal painters of mid 19th century Europe.

Matilda (1824–1846) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmare best known for winning the St Leger Stakes in 1827 when she defeated the Derby winner Mameluke in a controversial race.

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