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Marla English - Framed Picture - 12" x 16"


Marla English was an American film actress during the 1950s.

As a teenager, she worked as a model and performed locally. English was originally signed to a contract by Paramount Pictures in 1952 after winning a San Diego beauty pageant. She was paid $150 per week to appear in such films as Red Garters (1954) and Rear Window (1954).

She received a major break when she was cast opposite Spencer Tracy in The Mountain, a film which was to be made in France. English was given a smallpox vaccine before leaving to go on location. She quickly developed a raging fever and decided to pull out of the movie. Paramount suspended English and replaced her with Barbara Darrow. Parade Magazine questioned English about her decision in September 1955. She said it was a very dumb move and was unsure why she decided against making The Mountain. A close relative told the publication that English had fallen in love with Paramount actor Larry Pennell. She became enraged when the studio would not give Pennell a role in the film so they could travel to France together.

English made mostly B-movie films throughout her career in Hollywood.

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