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Madness - One Step Beyond (Album Cover Art) - Framed Print - 16"H x 16"W


A 16"H x 16"W" framed print of  One Step Beyond Album Cover Art 

Madness are an English ska band from Camden Town, that formed in 1976. One of the most prominent bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s 2 Tone ska revival, they continue to perform with their most recognised line-up of seven members.

The core of the band formed as The North London Invaders in 1976, and included Mike Barson (Monsieur Barso), Chris Foreman (Chrissy Boy) and Lee Thompson (Kix). They later recruited John Hasler, Cathal Smyth (Chas Smash) and Dikron Tulane.

This six-piece line-up lasted until part way through 1977, when Graham McPherson (better known as Suggs) took over the lead vocals after seeing the band perform in a friend's garden.

After briefly changing their name to Morris and the Minors, the band renamed itself as Madness in 1979, paying homage to one of their favourite songs by ska/reggae artist Prince Buster.

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