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Lili St Cyr (1944) - Framed Picture - 12" x 16"


Lili St. Cyr, was a prominent American burlesque stripteaser.

Having taken ballet lessons throughout her youth, she began to dance professionally as a chorus line girl in Hollywood. From her self-choreographed act she eventually landed a bit part at a club called the Music Box in San Francisco, with the Duncan Sisters. It was here that she found a dancer's salary was only a small fraction of what the featured star's salary was. The difference was that the featured star was nude.

From the 1940s and most of the 1950s, St. Cyr with Gypsy Rose Lee and Ann Corio were the most recognized acts in striptease.

St. Cyr's reputation in the burlesque and stripping world was that of a quality and high-class performer, unlike others such as Rosa La Rose, who flashed her pubic hair.

Lili St. Cyr received the title of the most famous woman in Montreal throughout the late 1940s into the 1950s. However, Quebec's Catholic clergy condemned her act, declaring that whenever she dances "the theater is made to stink with the foul odor of sexual frenzy."

In 1955, St. Cyr landed her first acting job in a major motion picture in the Son of Sinbad. The film, had St. Cyr as a principal member of a Baghdad harem populated with dozens of nubile starlets. The film was condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency.

St. Cyr was also known for her pin-up photography

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