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Kings Own Scottish Borderers 25th foot - Simpkins - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W


Kings Own Scottish Borderers 25th foot - Simpkins - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W

The King's Own Scottish Borderers was a line infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Scottish Division. .

The regiment was raised on 18 March 1689 by David Melville, 3rd Earl of Leven to defend Edinburgh against the Jacobite forces of James II. It's claimed that 800 men were recruited within the space of two hours. The regiment's first action was at the Battle of Killiecrankie. Although this battle was a defeat for the army, the Jacobite commander, John Graham, 1st Viscount Dundee, was killed by a volley fired by Leven's Regiment, bringing an end to James II's attempt to save his throne in Scotland.

It it was known as Semphill's Regiment of Foot, the name under which it fought at the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745 and the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The regiment fought at the Battle of Minden 1759.

The regiment was awarded the right to bear the emblem of the Sphinx for their role in the Battle of Alexandria in 1801. 

In more recent History they took part in the Battle of Cape Helles, the Battle of Mons, the Second Battle of the Marne, the Battle of Cambrai, the Battle of Lys, the Battle of the Aisne, the First Battle of Ypres, the Second Battle of Ypres, the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the Battle of Loos, the Battle of Le Cateau, the Battle of Arras, the First Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Passchendaele and the Second Battle of the Somme, the Third Battle of Gaza, and in the regiment took part in the final battles of the war on the Western Front.

They took part in WWII, they fought in France and Burma. They took part in the Dunkirk Evacuation, the Normandy Landings, the Operation Infatuate, the Battle of Caen, the Battle of Admin Box, the Battle of Imphal and the Battle of Arnhem.

After that, they were deployed to Palestine, Malaya (during the Malayan Emergency),  Gulf,  Yugoslav WarsNorthern Ireland (during the Troubles), Korea (During the Korean War) and Iraq

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