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John Cuff - Johann Zoffany - Framed Picture - 11" x 14"


Johan Joseph Zoffany, RA was a German neoclassical painter, active mainly in England.

His works appear in many prominent British collections.

His name is sometimes spelled Zoffani or Zauffelij and on his grave, it is spelled Zoffanij.

Johan Zoffany was commissioned by King George III, a purchaser of Cuff's microscopes, to depict him. However, doubts have been expressed whether the painting titled John Cuff actually is a portrayal of him, and it has also been known as The Lapidaries or Two Old Men.

John Cuff was an important English scientific instrument maker, particularly of microscopes.

He was apprenticed to the optical instrument maker James Mann. Cuff eventually set up his own establishment as a "SPECTACLE and MICROSCOPE Maker".

Cuff encountered Johann Nathanael Lieberkühn, a German physician who was promoting two microscopes of his own invention. Cuff soon made improvements to the designs.

In 1745, the Swiss naturalist Abraham Trembley visited London and asked him to design a microscope that would make it easier to observe aquatic creatures as they were moving about. Two years later, Cuff produced the "AQUATIC MICROSCOPE", "invented by him for the Examination of Water Animals."

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