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Jack Sparrow & Will Turner - Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom - Pirates of the Carribean- Framed print 16"H x 12"W


Jack Sparrow & Will Turner - Pirates of the Carribean - Pirates of the Carribean - Framed print, inner frame measurement of 16"H x 12"W.

Will maintains a complicated and strained relationship with Captain Jack Sparrow. At the start, Will, who despises pirates, is revolted by Jack. He helps to capture him in Port Royal, but realizing he needs Jack's help to rescue Elizabeth, he frees him from jail. Although he thinks Sparrow is untrustworthy, Will eventually considers him a far better man than anyone realizes, and he willingly risks his own life to save Sparrow from the gallows.

Later, Will is ambivalent regarding Sparrow, probably never expecting to see him again. When Lord Cutler Beckett, who is hunting Sparrow interrogates him, Will claims Jack is "more acquaintance than friend," Though this is accurate, it may also be an effort to shield Jack or simply to downplay his association with him to protect himself and Elizabeth. However, Will again needs Jack's assistance to spare himself and Elizabeth from Lord Beckett's death sentence, though Sparrow's "help" soon lands Will aboard the Flying Dutchman as Davy Jones' captive. Jack does attempt to retrieve Will when he bargains with Jones for 100 souls in exchange for his own. Jones refused to release Will, however, likely suspecting that Jack cared enough for Will as a friend that keeping him captive would help motivate Sparrow to fulfill his debt.

However, Will cares little for Sparrow, believing he has stolen Elizabeth's affections, though he eventually does learn the truth behind Jack's death. Will agrees to help rescue Jack from Davy Jones' Locker only because he needs the Black Pearl to free his father from the Flying Dutchman. After Will's attempt to gain the Pearl by delivering Jack and the crew (minus Elizabeth) to Sao Feng fails, Jack throws Will in the brig. Will escapes and, still intent on saving his father, leaves a trail for Beckett's ship to follow. Jack, who has become an unexpected mentor to Will despite their mutual distrust and animosity, discovers him. During a lengthy conversation, they once again demonstrate their grudging mutual respect and need for one another to fulfill their respective goals; Will admits he hatched his plan by thinking like Jack, and confides he is torn between killing Davy Jones to free his father (thus binding himself forever to the Flying Dutchman) or staying with Elizabeth and leaving his father in eternal servitude. Jack proposes a vague agreement that he will stab Davy Jones' heart, making himself immortal, and will then free Will's father, thus allowing Will and Elizabeth to be together. Jack unexpectedly hands Will his magical compass before pushing him overboard, ensuring Cutler Beckett will find him and be led to Shipwreck Cove, placing Jones' heart within Jack's grasp. Will and Jack's relationship is again in doubt.

Elizabeth is the most important person in Will's life, and anything or anyone threatening her is his enemy, including Sparrow. Although Jack represents nearly everything that Will despises, he is often intrigued, puzzled, and even amazed by Sparrow without sacrificing his own personal convictions or morals. Will respects Jack, even while considering him unethical and distasteful, and ultimately deems him a pirate but, "a good man." And though their relationship continually teeters on either helping or betraying one another, depending on their respective circumstances, Jack proves that he does care for Will when he selflessly sacrifices his bid for immortality to save the fatally wounded Will. Jack has also learned a few tricks from Will, using the same technique Will employed to free Jack from jail in the first film, to escape the Dutchman's brig.

In the end, they are friends.

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