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Genesis - Trespass (Album Cover Art) - Framed Print - 16" x 16"


Trespass is the second studio album from Genesis. It was released in October 1970 and is their last album with guitarist Anthony Phillips prior to his departure, and their only one recorded with drummer John Mayhew in the band's line-up.

Trespass was not a success upon release; it failed to chart in the UK and the US and it received some mixed reviews from critics.

The album cover was painted by Paul Whitehead, who also did the covers for the band's next two albums. Whitehead had finished the cover and then the band added 'The Knife' to the running order. Feeling that the cover no longer fitted the mood of the album, they asked Whitehead to redo it. When Whitehead was reluctant to do so, the band members inspired him to slash the canvas with an actual knife. The whole thing was then photographed, but came out blue when reproduced due to lighting in the room.

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