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Drive - Alex Tully / Nathan Fillion - Framed print 16"H x 12"W


Drive -  Alex Tully / Nathan Fillion - Framed print, inner frame measurement of 16"H x 12"W.

Drive is an American action drama television series created by Tim Minear and Ben Queen, starring Nathan Fillion

The series is set against the backdrop of an illegal cross-country automobile road race, focusing on the willing and unwilling competitors and, as the plot develops, the unseen puppet masters who sponsor the race.

Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion) is a 35-year-old landscaper with a dark past. His wife Kathryn goes missing, leaving him distraught. However, when Kathryn's anniversary present to Alex begins to ring, he rips open the package to find a cell phone. The mysterious call plunges Alex into the race, baiting him with the prospect of seeing his wife again. The catch, however, is that he has to embark straight away, and if he ever hopes to see her alive he will not notify anyone about where, or what he is doing. Meanwhile, the local police consider Tully a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, and subsequently view his sudden departure as overly suspicious behavior.

Interesting fact:

Drive was the first TV show in history which had a live Twitter session during an episode. The account @foxdrive still exists.

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