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The Penguin (Batman Villain) - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W

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The Penguin (Batman Villain) - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W


A 16"H x 12"W" framed print of The Penguin one of the main Villains that Batman fought

Born Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin was bullied as a child for his short stature, weight, and beak-like nose. Several stories relate that he was forced, as a child, always to carry an umbrella by his overprotective mother due to his father's death from pneumonia after a drenching. His mother owned pet birds that Cobblepot lavished with attention, and served as his only friends growing up. His love for birds would eventually lead him to obtain an ornithology major in college. In some versions, Cobblepot turns to crime after his mother dies and the birds are repossessed to pay his mother's debts.

In others, he is an outcast in his high-society family and their rejection drives him to become a criminal. In keeping with his origins, the Penguin pursues his criminal career with class: He prefers formal wear such as a top hat, monocle, and tuxedo, especially of the "white-tie-and-tails" design. He is criminally brilliant and psychologically sane. He has a brain power that could possibly outwit some of the smarter men in existence. Teamed with his understanding of betrayal and loyalty; Penguin is a tough and unbeatable opponent in the organised crime world.


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