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Franz Masereel - Die Stadt, 1925 (Art Deco) - Framed Picture - 16"H x 12"W


A 16"H x 12"W framed Picture of  'Franz Masereel - Die Stadt, 1925'

The Picture is not as Pink as it shows in the Image. We are working on this to see why it keeps coming out with Pink hues

Frans Masereel was a Flemish painter and graphic artist who worked mainly in France. He is known especially for his woodcuts. These woodcuts had an important influence on the work of Lynd Ward and later graphic artists such as Clifford Harper and Eric Drooker.

Masereel studied at the École des Beaux-Arts under Jean Delvin. He settled in Paris and then emigrated to Switzerland, where he worked as a graphic artist for journals and magazines.

When a circle of friends interested in art and literature based in Antwerp decided to found the magazine Lumière, Masereel was one of the artists invited to illustrate the text and the column headings. The magazine Lumière was a key force in generating renewed interest in wood engraving in Belgium.

Masereel's woodcut series, mainly of sociocritical content and of expressionistic form concept, made Masereel internationally known. He also drew illustrations for famous works of world literature by Thomas Mann, Émile Zola and Stefan Zweig.

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