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Christchurch Gate, Canterbury Cathedral - Framed Picture - 20" x 16"


This gate is the principal entrance to the Cathedral, from whose dedication to Christ it takes its name.

The gate was built between 1504 and 1521 with funds provided by Priors Goldstone and Goldwell.

This is despite the inscription of 1507 on the stonework “Hoc Opus constructum est anno Domini millesimo Quingentesimo decimo septimo,” - a matter of ongoing dispute between historians. It was probably built in honour of Prince Arthur, Henry VIII's elder brother who married to Catherine of Aragon in 1501.

The original statue of Christ and the wooden gates were destroyed by the Puritan iconoclast Richard Culmer in 1643. The gates were restored by Archbishop Juxon in 1660 and still bear his arms.

The original towers were torn down in 1803 by Jesse White, the surveyor to Cathedral, at the request of Alderman James Simmons. He wanted to see the Cathedral clock from his bank Simmons & Gipps, now the Lloyds Bank building on the High Street The towers were replaced in 1937 during another restoration, this one funded by Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills (of the Wills tobacco family) and her sister.

The statue of Christ was replaced in 1990 after a gap of 347 years.

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