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Bwana Devil - Robert Stack - Movie Poster Framed Picture 11"x14"


Bwana Devil is a 1952 U.S. adventure film based on the true story of the Tsavo maneaters and filmed with the Natural Vision 3-D system.

The film is notable for sparking the first 3-D film craze in the motion picture industry, as well as for being the first 3-D film in color and the first 3-D sound feature in English. Bwana Devil starred Robert Stack, Barbara Britton and Nigel Bruce.

The plot was based on a well-known historical event, that of the Tsavo maneaters, in which many workers building the Uganda Railway were killed by lions. These incidents were also the basis for the book The Man-eaters of Tsavo (1907), the true story of the events written by Lt. Col. J. H. Patterson, the British engineer who killed the animals.

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