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Bob & Carol Ted & Alice - Natalie Wood / Robert Culp - Movie Poster Framed Picture 11"x14"


Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is a 1969 comedy-drama film, starring Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould, and Dyan Cannon.

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was nominated for four 1969 Academy Awards, for Best Cinematography; Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress for Gould and Cannon.

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice became the signature film for Paul Mazursky and was a critical and commercial success.

Natalie Wood decided to gamble her $750,000 salary on a percentage of the gross, earning $5 million over the course of three years. She had deeply regretted declining a similar offer with the box office smash West Side Story.

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