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Batman Kissing Catwoman (Batman Villain / Antihero) - Framed Print - 16"H x 12"W


A 16"H x 12"W" framed print of Catwoman one of the many Villains that Batman fought, and one for the few that Batman Loved

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) was first known as "the Cat". Catwoman has traditionally been portrayed as a supervillain and adversary of Batman, but has become more of an antiheroine rather than a traditional villain. Catwoman is known for having a complex love-hate relationship with Batman and has been Batman's most enduring love interest.

The original and most widely known Catwoman is Selina Kyle. Her character was meant to be different from other Batman villains like the Joker in that she was never a killer or evil.

Catwoman, then called "the Cat", first appeared as a mysterious burglar and jewel thief, revealed at the end of the story to be a young, attractive (unnamed) woman, having disguised herself as an old woman during the story and been hired to commit a burglary. Although she does not wear her iconic cat-suit, the story establishes her core personality as a femme fatale who both antagonizes and attracts Batman. It is implied Batman may have deliberately let her get away by blocking Robin as he tried to leap after her. 

It was revealed that Catwoman is an amnesiac flight attendant who had turned to crime after suffering a prior blow to the head during a plane crash she survived. She reveals this after being hit on the head by a piece of rubble while saving Batman while he was chasing her. Although, she later admits that she made up the amnesia story because she wanted a way out of the past life of crime.

She reforms for several years, helping out Batman, until she decides to return to a life of crime, after a newspaper publishes stories of Batman's past adventures and some crooks mock her about it. However, Catwoman prevents her thugs from murdering Batman once he is later found knocked out, but quickly claims she wants him as a hostage.

Interesting Fact:

The character was partially inspired by Bob Kane's cousin, Ruth Steel, as well as actress Jean Harlow who at Kane's then-early and "impressionable age ... seemed to personify feminine pulchritude at its most sensuous.

Kane and Finger wanted to give their comic book sex appeal, as well as a character who could appeal to female readers; they thus created a "friendly foe who committed crimes but was also a romantic interest in Batman's rather sterile life."

For many years the character thrived, but from September 1954 to November 1966 Catwoman took an extended hiatus due to the newly developing Comics Code Authority in 1954. These issues involved the rules regarding the development and portrayal of female characters that were in violation of the Comics Code, a code which is no longer in use.

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