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A Young Champion - George Stubbs - Framed Print - 11"H x 14"W


A Young Champion - George Stubbs  - Framed Print - 11"H x 14"W

George Stubbs ARA was an English painter, best known for his paintings of horses.

He worked as a portrait painter in the North of England and studied human anatomy at York County Hospital. He had had a passion for anatomy from his childhood.

In 1756 he rented a farmhouse in the village of Horkstow, and spent 18 months dissecting horses. In 1766, he published The anatomy of the Horse.

Even before his book was published, Stubbs's drawings were seen by leading aristocratic patrons, who recognised that his work was more accurate than that of earlier horse painters such as James Seymour, Peter Tillemans and John Wootton. In 1759 the 3rd Duke of Richmond commissioned three large pictures from him, and his career was soon secure.

Stubbs also painted more exotic animals, which he was able to observe in private menageries. His painting of a kangaroo was the first glimpse of this animal for many 18th-century Britons.

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