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Bal Masque (Lady in a masque)  Ely (1989 Romme Art Creations) (Genuine and Vintage)

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Bal Masque (Lady in a masque)- Ely - (1989 Romme Art Creations) - (Genuine and Vintage) - Poster - 36 x 26


Bal masque

NB. The Picture just shows the Picture, and leaves the Border out (Where the picture goes to the Border, the sizes will be the same)

All these sizes are approximate and in inches:
Poster including the border = 38 x 26
Just the picture with the Border removed = 36 x 26

These posters are unframed, and are sent rolled in a sturdy tube

However, these Posters can be framed if you wanted them to be, please contact us if you would wish them to be framed for Prices and Postage costs

The masque was a form of festive courtly entertainment that flourished in 16th- and early 17th-century Europe, though it was developed earlier in Italy, in forms including the intermedio.

A masque involved music and dancing, singing and acting, within an elaborate stage design, in which the architectural framing and costumes might be designed by a renowned architect, to present a deferential allegory flattering to the patron.

Professional actors and musicians were hired for the speaking and singing parts. Often the masquers, who did not speak or sing, were courtiers: the English queen Anne of Denmark frequently danced with her ladies in masques between 1603 and 1611, and Henry VIII and Charles I of England performed in the masques at their courts.

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