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At Hethersett Races Sir Alfred Munnings (1982 Royle Publications) (Genuine and Vintage)

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At Hethersett Races - Sir Alfred Munnings (1982 Royle Publications) - (Genuine and Vintage) - Poster - 28 x 23


At Hethersett Races

NB. The Picture just shows the Picture, and leaves the Border out (Where the picture goes to the Border, the sizes will be the same)

All these sizes are approximate and in inches:
Poster including the border = 28 x 23
Just the picture with the Border removed = 24 x 19

These posters are unframed, and are sent rolled in a sturdy tube

However, these Posters can be framed if you wanted them to be, please contact us if you would wish them to be framed for Prices and Postage costs

Sir Alfred James Munnings, KCVO, PRA was known as one of England's finest painters of horses, and as an outspoken critic of Modernism. Engaged by Lord Beaverbrook's Canadian War Memorials Fund, he earned several prestigious commissions after the Great War that made him wealthy.

At fourteen he was apprenticed to a Norwich printer, designing and drawing advertising posters for the next six years, attending the Norwich School of Art in his spare time.

He painted rural scenes, frequently of subjects such as Gypsies and horses. He was associated with the Newlyn School of painters

He became best known for his equine painting, often depicting horses involved in hunting and racing.

Munnings also painted Charge of Flowerdew's Squadron in 1918. In what is known as "the last great cavalry charge" at the Battle of Moreuil Wood.

Munnings was elected president of the Royal Academy of Art. His presidency is best known for the valedictory speech he gave in 1949, in which he attacked modernism. The broadcast was heard by millions of listeners to BBC radio. Munnings claimed that the work of Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso had corrupted art. He recalled that Winston Churchill had once said to him, "Alfred, if you met Picasso coming down the street would you join with me in kicking his ... something something?" to which Munnings said he replied, "Yes Sir, I would".

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