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Cheaper Postage to the US

Great News for all of our American Customers.

We have managed to get a new courier to ship our products to the USA, and there are savings to be had. As of the 17th of July, the new prices are as follows:

Rolled Tube Shipping $14.50 (Saving of $1.50)
11 x 14 Item Shipping $19.00 (Saving of $7.00)
12 x 16 Item Shipping $21.50 (Saving of $4.50)
16 x 16 Item Shipping $21.50 (Saving of $11.50)
20 x 16 Item Shipping $21.50 (Saving of $11.50)

So those nice items have just got a little easier to get

As always all packages are tracked, and insured


PosterCo Admin

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